Mobile Application Development

World’s internet traffic is moving towards mobile. Create new possibilities, increase your completive advantage. Mobile apps gives your business a distinct identity among your competitors and gives your customers and users an easy and modern way to reach you from anywhere on the go. TechnoBrains provides mobile application development services for Google Android Platform, Apple iOS platform and Windows Phone platform.

iOS Development

iOS is the operating system for iPhone and iPad, and iOS users are considered to be above average users and they consists of premium user base, therefore projecting your application in iOS App Store is very important for brand awareness.

  • High quality apps
  • Polished user interface
  • Strong Apple eco-system
  • Premium user base that is willing to spend
  • Brand awareness

Android Application Development

Android applications are part of world’s largest application market placed called Google Play Store Millions of users are visiting the store daily and with your own app you can literally reach into their pockets and finger tips. Mobile is the future and android is the largest platform right now which cannot be overlooked. Android applications provides benefits such as.

  • Low initial investment and development cost.
  • Wider user base and market.
  • Easy integration with existing solutions.
  • Open source nature opens customization.

HTML5 Cross Platform Development

Write Once, Run Everywhere. - Cross platform mobile technologies can be used in more devices & platforms with writing a minimal amount of source code. Time spent of cross platform is totally worth considering you will end up writing separate apps for different platforms again and again. Managing that many apps will be a pain and if a particular platform is ignored then it may cost precious business opportunity, hence cross platform apps are smart choice.

  • We develop robust mobile applications by taking the advantage of technologies, standards and industry best practices. Our highly skilled cross platform mobile developers can build cost effective and secured mobile applications at fast turn around time.

Why choose Native App?

Native Mobile Apps are most suitable for apps that are used on a regular basis, used for content creation, have complex workflows or calculations, need to access native functionality or processing such as SMS, GPS, Click to Call, Camera etc and importantly need offline capability i.e. users can use the app without internet connectivity. Native Mobile Apps offer better user experience and a great distribution & marketing platform to you via App stores.

Why choose Mobile App?

Mobile Web Apps are most suitable for apps that are used for content consumption, don’t have complex workflows or calculations, don’t need to access major native functionality or processing and importantly don’t need offline capability i.e. users can use the app mostly online. Mobile Web Apps are instantly available to users (they are not distributed on App Stores) and content can be updated remotely without needing to publish updated version on App store each time.

Why choose Hybrid Mobile App?

Hybrid Mobile Apps are provide best of both of above options. Some part of the App can be kept Native Mobile App while other as Web App (still wrapped inside the Native App). Kindly send us your project requirement on or fill out the online enquiry form and we will get back to you with our analysis and estimation.

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