Web Application Development

Today’s e-commerce websites demands scalability and performance along with great user experience. Security backed by state-of-the-art technology is key to a successfully web solution. We provide custom web solutions based on latest innovations in the technology world. Whether it is a new or legacy application, our experts will analyse your needs and suggest solution that includes

  • New application development
  • Application migration
  • Application maintenance

Every industry has its own challenges when it comes to define the business flow and turn it into effective software solution. Our software analysis team has years of experience in studying different business domains and solving complex business solutions by providing turn-key solutions.

We at TechnoBrains believe in providing end-to-end solutions that includes from analysis to deployment and till key users of the software takes over the system.

Web Application Development Benefits

Supported by a large community of Web Application Development, using Web Application Development can leverage you following benefits:

  • Cost effective development
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Easily customizable
  • Accessible for a range of devices
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • Security

New Application Development

When you are looking for a brand new solution to your existing business problem or looking to improve your existing manual business flow by creating software driven flow, we think a new application is required to solve that problem.

A new application often starts when defining the business problem and then detail it by making a complete software development specifications by inviting stakeholder’s inputs and domain experts’ analysis.

A new application also requires that we decide appropriate technology and platform, like development language, database storage and operating system. It is also important to decide whether application will be deployed in-house or in-cloud.

Application Migration

Large number of organizations are still running legacy or system run on old technologies. It is not easy to abandon theses system and move to brand new systems, what about data already stored into the systems, users’ efficiency in operating the systems?

The most important is data stored in legacy system. Users’ can be trained and get used to, but data must be migrated into new system.

We at TechnoBrains has done some of the most complex migration operations and have required expertise to carry out data migration from database-to-database, spreadsheet-to-database, database-to-spreadsheet, in fact we can attempt to migration any structured data format to another structured data format.

Application Maintenance

Any successful application requires that it is maintained time to time otherwise as time passes it can get bloated and slow down. Our team can handle this task and carry out periodic maintenance to make sure your application runs smooth.

Maintenance also include data backup, the most important aspect of maintenance operation. Our team can analyse your usage pattern and then devise a data backup strategy that ensures that in event of a disaster your system can be recovered and restored in usable state.

Payment Gateway Integration

Online payment processing is one of the key aspect of e-commerce websites and if you are having services or products selling online then integration of payment gateways are most essential to provide a complete online shopping experience to your customers.

Even you have a static website without any back-end admin control panel, you can still leverage Payment gateway features. Our team can assess your site provide reliable integration service to any online payment services providers. One of the most popular providers are:

  • Paypal
  • Google Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • CyberSource

Shopping Cart Development

Online Shopping cart is standard method of shopping for the online shoppers. Shopping Cart gives users a seamless and standard buying experience on website.

A diligently designed shopping cart ensures the success of your e-commerce business. It is very important to use easy navigation, easy accessible website layout and understandable checkout process. It is useless if any visitor stays in your website for long time and step out without making any order, so it is important to have a easy to use and easy to understand shopping cart system to convert your potential buyers into real customers.

Benefits of developing online shopping cart:

  • Digital product and services catalog.
  • Online payment processing.
  • Your business available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Minimal setup cost, no physical infrastructure required to start with.
  • Provide customer support through phone, online chat, email or request form.
  • Leverage search engine and other online advertisements.
  • Paperless operation.

Our team has designed and developed custom shopping cart application including features like:

  • Content Management System.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Banner Management.
  • Multiple languages
  • Payment gateway solutions.
  • Different Shipping options.
  • Back-end Order Management.
  • Product and Service management.
  • User behavior tracking.

FedEx Integration Service for custom made e-commerce solutions

TechnoBrains has expertise in integrating FedEx shipping Web Services for custom made solutions. No matter what technologies your application uses, our team can successfully integrate FedEx shipping services.

FedEx offers advanced Web Services API (Application Processing Interface) for integrating your shipment process directly with FedEx.

Advantages of FedEx direct integration with your shipment process:

One click FedEx shipment label creation: On click of a button shipment information is picked up from your database and passed to FedEx servers, FedEx server registers your shipment and returns label for printing along with tracking number. Tracking number is linked with your order, this can be sent to customer via email or she can tracking from your own website. Everything in single click, otherwise takes lot of time in manual input and clicking which is error prone.

Time saving with zero errors: Automation saves time and hassle, for companies processing lot of packages daily there is no way to invest so much man power in manual work which is also error prone, the savings in time is huge cost advantage.

Accuracy: There is no manual input, customer and shipper address information and package details are taken from database and validated before shipping. Shipment tracking number is obtained automatically. Shipping label is generated and printed automatically.

If you are not sure which FedEx e-shipping solution is right for you then try e-Shipping Adviser tool by FedEx for more info.

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